A remedy for the Gender Wars. Designed to enable a woman to feel empowered to be feminine and to strengthen feelings of security, strength, and wholeness in her relationships with the men she loves.

* If you have inner anger that you cannot quench, and have difficulty controlling.

* If you have worry about your role in life, and in relationships with men.

* If your relationships seem to break, or you attract the wrong kind of men, whatever you do

* If you have problems experiencing emotions of love and fulfillment.

* If you want inner peace and harmony.

* If you want to experience life to the fullest with inner peace in a meaningful relationship.

Due to pollution, pesticides and food additives women are daily bombarded with pseudo and phyto-estrogens which upset their natural hormonal cycles and cause discord when they want to be congenial. End your destructive cycle with Genda-Quest

A remedy of empowerment and the ability to be fully woman.

GendaQuest is prepared by a proprietary process so that it, like ChemBuster, can be potentiated by being placed near orgonite in order to obtain maximum orgone bioenergy in the system.

Our Price: $40.00

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