AO 2000 Water Optimizer de Luxe

AO 2000 Water Optimizer de Luxe

  • Removes any noxious information from water
  • Saturates water with life force energy
  • Enhances the growth of plants
  • A better taste of food and drinks and longer life
  • Gives the drinker lots of life force energy upon drinking it

This is a special dual purpose Aqua Optimizer®:
It revitalizes water into living water , as it comes from a high mountain spring and then charges it with life force (Chi energy).
Larger and more powerful than the CE 69, it is ideal for larger amounts/ whole pitchers at one time.
In minutes you can now enjoy the benefits of Living Water!
With the amazing technology of the Aqua Optimizer, you can make living-water (water that has been revitalized to its natural energetic state and saturated with Chi Energy) with ease:
Simply put a bottle of water (store bought or filtered) next to an Aqua OptimizerTM.
Then Enjoy!

Give every drink a healthy dose of Life Energy (Chi, Prana, Orgone).
Many types of sprouts that you are growing in water that is energized with the AO 2000 take 2 days to be edible instead of the usual three days, and -more importantly- they taste a lot better. In fact, methods to enhance plant growth with the addition of life force are very ancient.
It is well known that some people have a "green thumb", i.e., anything they put into the ground and take care of grows better than if those plants were cared for by the average person.
Now you can have the equipment that can naturally perform just as well as a person with a "green thumb", and in fact you can outperform the "green thumb". One of the easiest methods, of course, is the treatment of the water that you use on plants. It is evident that plants prefer living water, i.e., water that is saturated with chi or Life Energy (Chi, Prana). They show obvious resistance to disease and pests!
Naturally, a week or two of using water that has been saturated with Life Force on your house plants can give you the evidence that you wanted!
Besides charging the water with Life Force, you can charge the fertilizers as well. In addition to that, you can apply Life Force directly to the plants in question. Methods used for this purpose vary depending on the equipment that you use and the size of the area treated.

Use with methods of ADM (Astro Dynamic Manifestation) and to custom-design the Feng Shui energies of your choice.

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